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Live a new meditative experience on your favorite songs !

Meditating on Pop-music you love can transform your life... and even save it!

According to the British newspaper the Telegraph, little Charlotte Neve fell into a coma following a brain hemorrhage in April 2011. Her condition was hopeless when suddenly music sounded in the hospital corridor. The unthinkable happens: the little girl opens her eyes, awakened by the song "Rolling in the deep" by Adele that Charlotte and her mother used to sing together every night before going to sleep. This memory, irrevocably linked to this song, will bring her out of her coma.


Charlotte's story is a testament to the power of musical emotional memory. A tool that can transform you instantly, like when you listen to that old high school hit and become that rebellious, energetic teenager ready to conquer the world!


How to use this unsuspected power of Pop-music? By meditating on it to multiply the effects of meditation. A unique method combined with art therapy exercises to express yourself creatively while transforming your life. Try it, it's free


Choisis parmi 3 types de méditations guidées musicales :


Love-coaching ou comment s'aimer (pour mieux se faire aimer et désirer)


Découvre ton enfant intérieur pour mieux t'accepter, gérer tes peurs et réussir ta vie.


Découvre le pouvoir

des 7 chakras et transforme ta vie 

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"You have to have music in yourself to make the world dance"


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Maxime Chenu
Music therapist/Art therapist
RNCP certified.

I created Pop Meditations to help you meditate to the music you love while using your creativity on art therapy exercises.​​

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